The Menu


Being both chefs, Curt and Victoria offer a wide variety of dishes in their menu, inspired by German, Italian, Spanish and American cuisine, sometimes served with a Caribbean twist. The menu will be adapted to your preferences and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The menu is subject to change due to availability here in the Virgin islands.



Come taste the Caribbean on the

charter yacht Billy Jean

These are just some of the dishes that will temp your pallet. Menu is subject to change, due to availability here in the Virgin Islands. A preference sheet will be sent to you to fill out the details that we need to make the menu for the week. The trip includes for a one week charters breakfast, *lunch, happy hour snack and *2 course dinner. non alcoholic beverages are included as well as a happy hour drinks and wine with dinner. *2 lunches and 2 dinner are not included and are ashore.

Breakfast: served between 8:30 and 9:00 am

Freshly brewed coffees, served fresh every morning, Teas, assorted fruit juices * eggs with bacon or sausages* cheese, ham, marmalade and jams * Vanilla French Toast * Banana pancakes * assorted fruits * bagels * English muffins * yogurts*

Lunch: served between 12:30 and 1:30 pm

* Plum ripe tomatoes and mozzarella salad * Hawaiian Toast * Tropical tuna salad over a bed of lettuce with homemade vinaigrette dressing * Greek Salad with olives and Feta cheese topped with a homemade dressing * Italian Prosciutto Ham on Cantaloupe melon wedges *

Dinner: served between 6:00 and 7:30 pm

This is a 2 course dinner, so an appetizer will be served before the entree or a desert afterward.


* Shrimp cocktails * Avocado salad * asparagus with garlic mayo dressing * mixed house salad with homemade dressing * Tri-color roasted peppers


*Pork Tenderloin Tornadoes with sliced seasoned potatoes and smoked bacon flavored peas * Red Snapper Creole with garlic oiled tostones and peppered corn* Asian style chicken sautéed in sesame oil with bamboo shoots and bean sprouts over Himalayan Basmati Rice * Marinated to perfection sirloin steaks with sour cream potatoes and buttered broccoli * Puerto Rican style pork chops with Basmati rice and pink beans * raisin green bean salad * Shrimp in white wine cream sauce over linguini pasta * Butter fried catch of the day (Wahoo, mahi-mahi, king fish) with squash zucchini and red pepper medley *


* Flan caramel * Pineapple boat * banana flambé * Tropical fruit salad * coconut custard

 A recipe for a superb vacation:

Start by removing from -45º icebox and quickly warm by 70ºc.

Allow adequate time to settle with a marinade of wine.

Begin by briefly mixing and tossing then while things relax, slow the process. Sit overnight to allow a rest of still and quiet.

Start adding the following ingredients in no particular order:

● incredible snorkeling ● stargazing topped with a lunar eclipse ● Virgin Gorda scooting ● bird and fish watching ● a variety of motor and sail ● wonderful meals ● awesome meals ●

The secret is just the right mixture of sun, cloud, wind, rain and calm.

Throughout freely add stimulating conversations and laughter to taste with generous amounts of wine and other liquids.

The special seasoning is the love and partnership that Curt and Victoria share.

The Billy Jean is the perfect vessel for preparing this banquet. Thanks for the wonderful 10 days.

BY: Dan & Lois Grabke, Yellowknife, North Territories, Canada